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CGR Undertow – MAGICIAN LORD for Neo Geo / PS3 Video Game Review


Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow video game review of Magician Lord for the Neo Geo, published by SNK. You control Elta the wizard in a quest to save his homeland from an evil wizard in this intense side-scrolling platformer released in 1990 as a Neo Geo launch title. This brutally challenging and underrated classic sees you blast away countless demons and monsters, and undergo powerful transformations into ninjas, samurais, and dragons to help you on your difficult quest. Fans of retro cheese will also thoroughly enjoy the awkward translation and voice acting of its main villain. “Hey nice guy! Be dead down here!” This review features Magician Lord gameplay footage from the PlayStation Network version and commentary from CGR Undertow reviewer Kevin.

CGR Undertow - MAGICIAN LORD for Neo Geo / PS3 Video Game Review

Magician Lord on AES vs PS3 vs Neo-Geo X


  1. Personally, I hate this game, and there are ton of Neo Geo games that should have been in SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 instead of this one. Just to name a few:
    Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
    Kizuna Encounter
    Savage Reign
    Puzzle de Pon
    Bubbly Symphony
    Baseball Stars Professional
    Metal Slug X
    Hell, even Athena! Athena!!

  2. I absolutely loved this game and didn't really feel that it was that difficult, but then, I had a NeoGeo console back then to play this game as much as I wanted. I think me and my best friend at the time were the only 2 fools in Indiana that owned the console and were stupid enough to save our lunch money for 2 years to buy one lol.

  3. I'm about half way through Magician Lord on the Neo Geo CD. The Neo Geo CD version offers a true neo geo presentation but the difficulty is tamed down. On the AES I could only complete the level 1 & 2, the 1st time playing the Neo CD version, I completed level 1 with no continues. I'm glad the new consoles offer these classics but I do not like the lame backgrounds. Simple black background would have been better.

  4. i played this game and after a couple of years, i could not even beat the first boss because its so dificult.

  5. SNK!!! ADK, the second part of SNK made this game in 1990. This was the first game to not have remakes and the main character should of been on NGBC.

  6. Downloaded this for the ps3 and it's fun, but one of those stupidly annoying games that places enemies in impossible to get passed areas, so frustrating. Oh and I don't know whether it's because I've got the European version, but my dark lord guy doesn't have a voice, reading it doesn't feel the same.

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