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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Vs. PlayStation Now On PS4


Per a user request, we bring you Xbox One backwards compatibility Vs. PlayStation Now on PS4.
We match these up in 3 categories and pick a winner!
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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Vs. PlayStation Now On PS4


  1. xbox always comeback and the slim got it up higher and the Scorpio is just gonna destroy ps4 and there fake 4k graphics

  2. get an Xbox one , it has backward compatibility and soon scorpio the most powerfull is coming, I known some people will stay with ps4 coz of exclusive titles but remeber uncharted is over , only best i believe is last of us n god of war is remaining rest most of title are there in xbox one as well and all these r also coming to pc as well, and it's worth since how xbox one and pc universe and gaming is connected to each other…

  3. My First Xbox was 360 arcade and now I have a 360 E 4Gb with my Old 250 Gb hard drive plus Xbox One that is 500Gb Xbox has my Support and I can't stand PlayStation I will Stick with my Xboxs Xbox forever

  4. Attention…if you are a "SONY FAN-BOY" and you came all the way over 2a (PRO XBOX CHANNEL) and you are in this comment section…trying 2 prove that "ps now" is a better value than "FREE BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY" then I need you 2 stop reading this message and go sit in the nearest corner and face the wall 4being "FUCKING STUPID" thanks 4ur time!!!

  5. during last years E3 if yo took advantage of the $99 deal you get access to over 300games for that price for the year. now add up the money you spent ot buy those 360 games you are able to play in the 360.. 100games x $60 new retail = $6000 or lets say you bought all of them used for $10.. 100games x $10 = $1000 vs someone paying $99 for access to 300games thats value.. someone need to do a more thorough price guide to get accurate numbers

  6. the small list for the xbox back compat is hurting the argument somewhat Until everygame is back compat xbox fans and sony fans are in the same situation where most 360 games wont work when placed into the current gen system. psnow is for people who didnt own a ps3 or for people who didnt buy certain ps3 games. psnow can be played without owning a console

  7. playing black ops and other old games isn't worth the graphics downgrade on Xbox one. let me know when your system can run on 1080 and doesn't look like garbage

  8. PlayStation owners don't mind paying for game they already own. Why should that bother anyone,who cares ?

  9. Why do Xbox and ps4 players fight over wich consoles are the best? I onestly like them both exactly the same

  10. LMFAO!!!!!! Sony is BROKE!!!!!! Sony is doing anything to ass rape ponies for any $$$ they can get to help stay afloat. Sony running a cloud network or any online network is LMFAO!!! Weak ass Neo on the way CURB STOMPED!!!!!! by Scorpio LMFAO!!!!!!

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