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What XBOX game should I get?


There are a couple of games that I really w2ant i just don’t know which to get first. PLEASE HELP!

The games are.

-Black Ops (and so what map pack)

-Halo Reach


-Gears of War
and would anyone like to be my friend on LIVE

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  1. U can pre-order in amazon. Amazon is the best and safe place to get good games. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 8, 2011.


  2. NOT MW3, get Battlefield 3 if you are gonna get any FPS war type games, but I would go for Gears of War, as its got the best story and the campaign is really fun with friends over Live or Split-screen and Multiplayer isn’t that bad either

  3. MW3 of course! MW2 was a fantastic game and it’s pretty much an expansion. However Gears of War does look good too, and I heard it was good. Battlefield 3 is out too, I’d consider that one.

  4. Get battlefield 3 since it’s out now and it’s quite easy to pick up and play and then definately get mw3 when it comes out. No doubt all of your friends will have that game

  5. Modern Warfare 3 sees the return of the much loved spec ops mode. These mini games and challenges are highly addictive and push the Call of Duty gaming style to its adrenalin filled limit. We were lucky to get a play through survival mode, which is not unlike Gears of War 3’s horde mode. Essentially you are tasked with defeating wave after wave of enemies, including juggernauts and yes.dogs. Not easy but incredibly rewarding.

  6. Get Battlefield 3 its amazing and i love the game.

    Also i would Recommend Elder Scrolls IV Obilivon Game of the year at gamestop is 20 dollars.

    That game is freaking awsome and battlefield is really fun especially if you like modern warfare games. Also if you want to be my friend on live my GT is WarnedWhitey96

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