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Sing Star on PlayStation Review


As we all know, PlayStation is the gaming console that millions of gamers prefer. The launch of the new Karaoke game “Sing Star” has revolutionized karaoke singing to a new level.

Sing Star contains a revolutionary new idea called Sing Store. Sing Store allows you to actually purchase additional songs. You select what song and video clip you want, pay your $1.50, and they automatically start to download and install into the game.

Although the game doesn’t offer features to go head-to-head with anyone online, the game play is pure karaoke which means the user and the user’s friends can take turns in interacting with the game. There are three difficult level settings that the user can be put through to test their skill set.

There are also songs that can be sung with the partner as duet tracks. Depending on the mode one can sing at the same time as his partner sings or sing alternatively according to the tracks. One can also go head-to-head individually or in competition duets, singing short duets and much more.

Once you know how to sing and mimic you can definitely play a game with your friends and this fun will never end. Initially you need to learn to sing and later you will learn more and more and you will surely master in this field and you will be successful.

What’s more than a game with your friends? You need not go anywhere searching for things to do or go anywhere as you can remain in your own house and have fun with you friends at your comfort. We always want to win, we are born with that attitude, “winners never quit and quitters never win”. So all it takes is a karaoke machine and you can master it and be proud to be the winner.

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Submitted On August 13, 2009Video Game ReviewsAs we all know, PlayStation is the gaming console that millions of gamers prefer. The launch of the new Karaoke game "Sing Star" has revolutionized karaoke singing to a new level.karaoke,singing,software,review,sing,artist,how,best,mp3,music,song,singing,superstar,review,tips,cd

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