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Is the PS3 worth buying in 2016?Because SONY is telling that they will DISCONTINUE it?/?



  1. Sony will eventually discontinue the PS3 but not in 2016. Their latest official word is they’ll be keeping the PS3 around until 2017 or so.

    And even when they discontinue it, you can still play its games offline.

    Whether or not it’s worth buying one in 2016 depends on you. What games do you want to play? Are they only on the PS3 or are they on the PS4 as well? Sony’s Playstation Now service, available on the PS4, will allow you to play some PS3 games but requires a very very very fast internet connection. However this may be good enough to let you play any PS3 games you want to play.

    And why are you waiting until 2016? Why not buy a PS3 NOW, then consider buying a PS4 in a couple of years? That should give you plenty of time to play the best of what the PS3 has to offer, then upgrade when the PS4 is cheaper.

  2. Why is this a surprise? Did they not discontinue PS1 a few years after PS2 was out? Did they not discontinue PS2 a few years after PS3 came out?

    Guess What? In 2016, PS4 will be 2 years old and PS3 is on its way to be discontinued.

    If there are games for it that you want to play and its worth it to you, then its worth it to you.

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