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CGRundertow ATELIER RORONA for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow ATELIER RORONA for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. Nice video and while few ppl love time management well its crap too me It seems i just can't get a turn based rpg game without some kind of gimmick so i could enjoy, Mana Khemia and other games with this synthesizing shit i hate that I can beat the game without going through all the headache so what's the point of putting stuff like that into games oh wait sorry its to frustrate Gamers oh yea

  2. I've never played Mana Khemia and in almost every Atelier review you mention "Mana Khemia was better" it makes me question the validity of the reviews since albeit a bit unpolished (why are there no freaking MP bars!?) I had a lot of fun with Rorona and my first purchase once I get a new ps3 (rip phat ps3) will be Atelier Escha & Logy. I love the fact I have to manage my time, I love having to plan for events, gathering and creating is my cup of tea and new game plus made me happy and I'm one of those weirdos that think pressure from the game and time constraints is fun (<3 P3:FES).

  3. I don't like the new atelier series PS3 why because there is a fucking time pressure. I like the old PS2 ateliers.

  4. The recently heard the fourth PS3 Atelier game, Atelier Ayasha: Alchemist of Dusk so it seems this series is doing fairly well.

  5. Loved Mana khemia 1, 2 and the 3 first Atelier games, then this shitty moe stuff became popular and ruined the series.

  6. I personally really want a Mana Khemia 3… But I don't want it in 3D… Is that too much to ask for?
    Maybe it is…

  7. Darn! In a few days, Atelier Meruru will be released, and I still need to complete this game… as well as start Totori. Time issues! And… a broken PS3, are the issues here!

  8. I still dig the Atelier series, mainly because this series eventually made it into PAL regions, and considering there are not many Japanese RPGs that ever make it to PAL region, I am willing to forgive the game for its mistakes and focuses on Alchemy that I often don't really understand, and just enjoy the game for the light hearted nature it is.

    However I am really looking forward into seeing Ni No Kuni Warth of the white witch from Level 5 and Studio Ghibli. I really hope that it comes to PAL

  9. Hey, I support Romney too, but really, and I am pretty sure most people will agree with me, the US presidential election has very little to do with video games, and I would hope you keep that in mind. we don't want to start a flame war here.

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