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Yugioh 5D’s Decade Duels Plus – Hits PS3 After 6 Years


Yugioh 5D's Decade Duels Plus - Hits PS3 After 6 Years


  1. PlayStation store.. im not sure on Xbox. . Heads up its not going to be a walk in the park winning duels sometimes.

  2. This game is the most boring yugioh game I ever played, usually I don't get bored of yugioh games but this one …is awful to me. I actually was hoping we get all the psp versions as HD collection that would be so so much better. sigh psp memories ♥

  3. i do have this game tho but it does get boring after awhile i almost have a deck build for the dark scorpions lol

  4. they should of made it almost like yugioh gx game from ps2 they should have put that in the psn store i would play that

  5. I agree with the posters of the top two comments. I also think that if they modeled DD Plus from the Tag Force Games and added new, awesome features to it, it would have been epic awesome.

    We didn't have to spend money to get good cards in TF games. We just had to find a partner and spend DP. XD

    I got 2 Raviels just by buying a Fiend pack. TF games make it so much easier. Also, I like the character interaction, and all the different characters from TF games.

  6. so after 6 years of waiting . you're "thinking" about buying it ?!!
    man what's wrong with you .. love ur vids btw

  7. puedes hacer la guia/recorrido de este juego en el canal de español? you can do the LP in the spanish channel plz!!!

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