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Xbox One’s Xbox Live: 7 Reasons It’s Better


Xbox One's Xbox Live: 7 Reasons It's Better


  1. xbox is the best due to the fact that it can hold up to 3X the more games and it also has the ability to snyc a ferrari 599 gto thrustmaster wheel. The xbox is most dependable to get and you can get sling live tv without buying a Playstation tv extintion

  2. i sound so nooby i'm gonna get xboxone i had ps3 before so can i play online without xbox live heeelp meee

  3. this is a joke the dedicated servers are crap they do to have lag and they have syncing profile issues constantly where ps4 has no problems at all.could have more than 100 friends on ps4 from the start backwards compatibility is a joke that's if your into laggy crap games not even that many current games mostly very old and crappy yet they still lag where as you can play ps1 ps2 and ps3 games on the ps4 from ps now with no lag at all the party chat is basically the same on ps4 download times are complete crap on Xbox one. xbox one is an online only console since you can't even play on your profile off line. their video recording sucks 1min only where ps4 you can record 15-20 minutes and their not stored temporarily and you don't have to save them even… even though ps4 games use more data they still down load faster than xbox one games. install times are complete crap on Xbox one 45 minutes to install a 45 gigabit game where ps4 can install an 80GB gr in seconds

  4. Ive played on play station befor and xb1 xb1 is now faster xb1 multiplayer seems alot better on xbox and has better mc exlusives and better maps most games are better on xbox just my opinion

  5. You see, the PS4 fanboys strive to spend all day, even 2+ years after release, to hate on Xbox related things. You can tell that they do this on purpose because they have to search "Xbox one is better" so that they can find these vids and hate.

  6. can anyone tell me , why I should get a xbox one instead a ps4, is it the graphics so different ?

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