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XBox One S!! Trip to Best Buy!


XBox One S!! Trip to Best Buy!


  1. Jayden & Jesse want a dog treat!! Guess you'll have to get a CleverPet for them, too!! Lol! "My three 12-year olds." Ha ha! Actually…I've gotten to the point that, if someone refers to me as "one of the boys" I consider it a compliment! So, I think you may have just made Urgo's day!!

  2. ♡Лайк от Мелиссы из Израиля♡♡♡Like from Melissa♡

  3. Full disclosure, I have indeed tried dry dog food when I was their age. Not the wet stuff, no way! But curiosity got the best of me. It wasn't horrible, but if the boys think about how excited Ender gets when he thinks he might have people food, there is indeed a reason for that. If his food was so good, he wouldn't love ours so much! That just gave me an idea: Better tasting dog food! It would eliminate dogs from begging and hanging around while people eat. That's the next big invention! ;)

  4. Fall colors depend on the varieties of trees around you. In Virginia, we had some spectacular color displays. Jason just has boring trees. LOL

    Ender is wasting no time figuring out that Clever Pet. Pretty amazing. And yeah, now he'll be consuming treats by the trainload and gain 50 pounds. No Jesse, MilkBone trail mix is not for you to snack on.

    Best Buy? Eek! The only way I can safely enter that place is to leave all of my credit cards at home!" LOL

    I'd been waiting for a peek at the pot roast. It looks great, in spite of the twins' preference for dog food. I always make a gravy with mine, from all of those flavor loaded pan juices, and just pour it all over everything. :-P

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