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Xbox One Kinect Sensor Best Price Canada Discount


Xbox One Kinect Sensor Best Price   Canada Discount

The Xbox One S is Microsoft’s answer to calls for a smaller, more streamlined console. Here’s what you need to know about it.
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Xbox One S: Everything You NEED TO KNOW


  1. Yeah the S is the way to go. I had the Xbox One in 2015 for 10 days and took it back. Didn't like it and he's right about the powerbrick supply. Fuck that sh*t. I got the Xbox One S 1 Terabyte bundle Battlefield 1 special edition console 2 days ago. I even have the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless headphones to back me up 😉 The stand comes with it and is uncompromisable. The 4k and HDMI 2.0. I see a HUGE difference in the brightness & graphics also compared to the regular Xbox One. Much nicer console.

  2. i have the Xbox 1s 2tb gears of war edition. Awesome! so much better than the original 1. 2tb harddrive is awesome. i loaded 26 games into it and still have 1tb left to play with. upscaling is awesome! Xbox 360 back compat games look ridiculously like they could've been Xbox 1 games to bigin with. its so much quieter. and the sound effects it makes when you turn it on, eject a game, turn it off are a cool touch. all physical buttons thats cool too! i also was gonna wait for Scorpio but Who Knows if microsoft will deliver on that as they say. So until then im completely satisfied with the 1s. This console shouldve been released when the original 1 was released. If anyone is on the fence about the 1s dont be. you'll be plenty satisfied with your decision if you buy one. i do suggest at least the 1tb version. oh and btw, the gears of war edition does come with the stand. and comes with the gears of war digital download and 14 day xbox live trial. Happy Gaming! I AM!!!

  3. Got my new s and first one series(I'm a playstation guy). Played battlefield and oh I got message! Maybe it's a friend request. Nope it's some douchebag sending hate mail telling me gtfo. He didn't like I was repairing my tank. What a douchebag.

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