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Xbox 360 Unboxing


Tonight is the Midnight launch of the Xbox One. I’ll be getting my hands on one in a matter of hours. In the meantime, here’s an unboxing of an Xbox 360 that I’ll be using as a Windows Meda Center Extender. Enjoy!

Xbox 360 Unboxing

Xbox 360 250GB (Forza 4/Skyrim) Holiday Bundle Unboxing!


  1. Guys should I buy the Xbox 360 slim or the Xbox 360E
    Plz answer guys and the Xbox 360 E works on standred tv???

  2. Why would you buy two call of duty games? CoD is kinda like Fifa/Pes/NBA 2k now, all games are too similar to justify owning two of them, you just get the newest one if you dont have cod yet, and if you have previous instalment, just stick to it, not worth the money.

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