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xbox 360 sound problem – popping noise?


My Xbox 360 Elite has been working fine, as I just bought it not even a month ago. I turned it on just a few ago, and there isn’t any sound, except for a small “popping” noise coming from the speakers. I unplugged all the cords, turned off the console for a few minutes, but the problem still seems to be there. Any suggestions? I don’t feel like taking it back to Best Buy if it’s a simple fix or something, as it’s also quite inconvenient. And I don’t really want to call the tech support line for xbox either.they never get you anywhere.


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  1. What type of sound system are you using? Just the basic Composite cords? (white, and red cords) are they hooked up to the TV or a sound system? Sound systems are pretty temperamental so you might have just messed something up there. To check this plug in something you know should work and see if the audio problem is still accruing.

    I do not see any reason the actual xbox would be making the popping noise, unless if the audio portion of the game or the A/V cords are damaged. I hope I helped.

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