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Xbox 360 slim xbox live wired vs wireless?


What do you recommend for optimum gaming results. Which method the wired or the built in wifi is better and faster. I have a 2mbs internet connection and a ciscco lynksis router. should i wire my xbox slim directly to the router or use the built in wifi?

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  1. wifi is Easier but using it Directly to router makes it faster by about 0.1 seconds. No difference really i’d just keep it to wifi. As u can have it anywhere in ur house.

  2. Wired connections are better for speed and dependability in general because the wireless signal and authentication is just one more thing that can go wrong with your connection. I have a wireless connection available in my house for the laptops, but I have much less issue with my 360 than my computers because the XBOX is connected through Ethernet. I have noticed though that even my 3mbps connection is slow compared to others, but I can’t get anything faster where I live =(, so wireless might even make a difference in that department when every second counts!

  3. I recommend using a direct connection. It will be very reliable, and won’t be interrupted by microwaves or phones. BUT If you absolutely have to use WiFi, like you don’t have a wire long enough, than wireless is the way to go. Remember, wired is more dependable than WiFi.

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