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Xbox 360 Production Has Ended – IGN News


Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has announced Microsoft will no longer be making Xbox 360 consoles.

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Xbox 360 Production Has Ended - IGN News


  1. Im still keeping my 360. But I want to know if they stopped making the consoles will they continue to add games to the 360 or the New games are going to the Xbox one. Fifa 17,Nba 2k17, Wwe 2k17 etc are still coming out to the 360. Check those games out at Gamestop.com

  2. Well R.I.P Xbox they stop making this now they say there shutting down Xbox live for it. Well at least I have the original Xbox Xbox 360 and the new Xbox one that they care about so much. And each time they say there shutting down Xbox live for 360 it ends up being another 5 years later.

  3. It's been a long day without you my friend and I will tell you Ala about it when I see you again lb :'(:'( Rip

  4. and at least let be reminded that we people that have one care about it and they treat it like pure gold so for the sake of the world and please keep making 360 games so the xbox won't die in the humanity of the world and we all care about are xbox for as long as we have it

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