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xbox 360 major problem PLEASE Help?


i put in a scratched up disc and the ring of death shows (The red lights on except on the top right area) the power supply light is green. Do I have to buy a new one? ANY ANSWER IS MUCH APPRECIATED.

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  1. Take the disc out if you can. If not unplug the xbox and as it’s powering of press to eject the game. It that doesn’t work, wait until the system is totally shut down after unplugging and relpugg in and power it on as it begins to boot before the disc starts spinning, press eject.

  2. ehh red ring of death. If you have had it within a year just send it back for repairs. If your warranty is still valid then you can just send it back. And just in case you better check under your faceplate to see if the stickers still intact. otherwise your warranty is void and yeah. youd have to pay for repairs

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