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Xbox 360 DLC Problem!!?


Basically a few weeks ago my Xbox 360 broke with the E74 message when I got it back it seems none of my DLC worked, I deleted and re downloaded some of it but seems to only work when I’m online, which I can’t be very much because Xbox live can’t be used when someones on the internet in my house, and Smackdown vs Raw 2009’s DLC is all gone accept Vader all the other characters I downloaded are gone,does anyone know what I can do, I want to download it again so I can play it when offline as well.

Also Some of it doesn’t work at all only certain content seems to work which is odd.

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  1. You need to do a license transfer. Microsoft should have done this for you, but since they didn’t you can go here [url is not allowed]. and follow the steps to transfer the licenses to your new 360.

  2. just like with game trailors, have your xbox online as u download, and play. As u start to play, disconnect a cable, it will disconnect from xboxlive, and you can still resume play.

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