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WTF is a Scuf Controller?


WTF is a Scuf Controller?

Xbox One Elite Controller vs Scuf One


  1. Coming from a 13 year old CSGO COD BF player who has gone up against both a Avenger ps3 and Xbox360 addon and scuf controllers and still dumpster them and has tried to use these kind of controllers and got schooled while using them, I use a normal dualshock 3 wireless controller(without thumbpads I removed the rubbers) and still trash players,you don't need stuff like this, you just need to train you mind and your fingers

  2. I have the elite controller and never owned the scuf. The problem that I have with the elite controller is that it's hard to aim in a first person shooter on the elite since there are paddles on where I grip the controller. Scuf owners, I have a question. Does the paddles on the back get in the way of your grip for the controller?

  3. so if i buy my self the xbox elite does the the silver & black controller come with it zhe one with the 4 padelss

  4. I like how the Scuf controller looks but the Elite controller has the better features
    I can't choose

    Why is my life like this?

  5. Do they last though? I keep wrecking my controllers. Just by playing competitively. Xbox 360 controllers were bomb proof but these don't last very long so can't see myself paying £100 and over for a controller that's gonna break

  6. You said the elite gets a year warranty, I'm pretty sure it's 3 months. I read the warranty & it says consoles get 12 months but accessories only get 3 months.

  7. You putted the kontrol freaks in the wrong way the tall one is supposed to be in the left and the smaller one goes to the right

  8. Scuf is trash. The elite is better in every way. Ive had 2 fully loaded scufs and 1 xbox elite. Its not even a comparison. Scuf is cheaply made and overpriced trash.

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