Home Playstation Forum why does everyone assume the ps3 is better than the 360?

why does everyone assume the ps3 is better than the 360?


the 360 is a lot better except for it has”nt got a blu-ray player so big deal you can buy one separate and plus the games on 360 graphics wise cane the ps3 on a hdtv screen?

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  1. Its because it can do nothing except EVERYTHING. But seriously, 360 has,I admit, some better games than the ps3, but the ps3 has so many capabilities. and the online play is free

  2. shut up and go to bed. end of story.

    Before you do that though watch his Ps3 OWNS xbox 360 videos:

    [url is not allowed].

  3. First off, that first sentence just proved a point. Why would anyone buy a 360 and a Blu-Ray player, when they can buy a PlayStation 3 with more features than the Xbox 360 for cheaper?

    Second, graphics wise? You haven’t seen Uncharted 2. Or Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 for that matter.

    A while back, I would’ve said the 360 has superior games. That just isn’t the case anymore. I’m sorry, but the 360 is looking more and more outdated with time.

    Please look in the mirror and repeat these words:

    “The 360 is no longer the better console.”

    Keep repeating until it gets through your thick skull.

  4. Er, ok let me break it down for you.

    First off, you said buy a separate Blu-Ray player. You do know they cost $200 for a good one right?

    Both are prices at $299.99 initially.


    $100 – Wifi Adapter

    $50 a year – Online Gaming

    $30 – charge Controller


    Free – Built in Wifi Adaptor

    Free – Online gaming

    Free – USB to charge controller

    Free – Blu-Ray player

    Free – Internet Browser

    Now look at this year, what good games does 360 really have that are exclusive? Halo Wars, Halo ODST, Left 4 Dead 2?

    PS3 has:

    Killzone 2

    MLB The Show


    Demon’s Souls

    Uncharted 2

    Ratchet and Clank

    Next year what games do each have exclusively also?


    Alan Wake

    Splinter Cell

    Halo Reach

    Fable 3


    Gran Turismo 5

    God of War 3


    Heavy Rain

    White Knight Chronicles

    Resistance 3

    The Last Guardian


    ModNation Racers

  5. 1) Blu-Ray is a big deal. It holds more than twice the memory of a DVD (Like the 360 uses) so that means that games for the PS3 can look a lot better without sacrificing anything else.

    2) Price wise the PS3 is just as cheap, or cheaper than the 360. If you want Wi-Fi for the 360 you need to buy an addon. If you want to watch the now dead HD-DVD, you need to buy an addon. If you want to charge your controllers, you need to buy an addon. Plus you have to pay for online.

    3) It has blue tooth. That means that you can use any blue tooth headset. Sony isn’t forcing you to buy theirs, like Microsoft does. And that also means the PS3 can have up to 7 controllers connected at once.

    4)The failure rate is only 5-10%. The 360’s is 20-30%.

    5) The PS3 wont scratch your games.

    6) No annoying disc tray.

    7)Web Browsing.

    8) If you want a bigger hard drive you don’t need to get a specific one. PS3’s use standard laptop hard drives.

    8) SIXAXIS can add a lot of fun to certain games.

    9) The PS3 is much more quiet than the 360.

    10) The PS3 doesn’t over-heat,so you don’t have to worry about where/how you place it.

  6. yeah, paying for online is rubbish. also you xbox users have to buy batterys for cointrollers, dont have things like remote play, im running linux on mine so i can download torrents/games/music and such like. im also streaming hd to my tv using ps3mediaserver.it doubles as a jukebox, digitally connected to my hifi. it looks much better also. xbox are ugly and have rubbish controllers. as for the blueray.its a pretty significant extra i think. and graphically the ps3 has more potential.

  7. The reason why the PS3 is better beause it has better uses & more entertainment on it. Below is what PS3 has & 360 doesn’t.

    1) PS3 has Blu-ray; it matters because you don’t have to pay a lot for the auctal Blu-ray. And it sounds & looks better. 360 doesn’t.

    2) PS3 has FREE online play. You have to pay for 360, which I think is too rubbish.

    3) PS3 can play ALL PS1 games, & SAVES them.

    Hope this helps why PS3 is better.:) I have it too.

  8. there r many things better and yeah the B/R players is one but u can actually use the internet on it and u can download stuff straight to the hard drive from the internet, u can use wifi without buying another part for it the fact that it doesnt die on u like the 360 does u can upgrade ur hard drive and there isnt ne thing on the ps3 that u have to pay for like u do with xbox live but im sure the 360 has good things about it as well more than likely the games

  9. ps3 has more functions like blue ray dvd & that means ur games wont screw up even with scratches. ps3 now has more games & more exclusive games. network is free. you need to buy a lot of add ons for the xbox like wireless Adapters and plug in charger for controllers its all built in 2 da ps3. the xbox is not reliable it gets the red rings of death. the xbox is not a bad console its just not as good as the ps3 I’m not a ps3 fanboy. ps3 online is not slow because ps3 runs on private servers the 360 has public servers and the only other difference is your profile page thing and who cares about that

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