Home Xbox Forum Why didnt they put in a blu-ray drive in the new xbox?

Why didnt they put in a blu-ray drive in the new xbox?



  1. BluRay is a Sony proprietary technology. When the Xbox 360 and PS3 came out, BluRay was competing with another technology called HDDVD. Microsoft put their money on HDDVD. BluRay won. The next Xbox will play BluRay, I’m sure.

  2. I wouldn’t want that anyways as there is no difference

    in the games picture and you can mod the 360 and get

    burnt HD DVD games, while PS3 has no mod and you

    have to pay 60 bucks a game because of blu ray.

  3. – Market Fragemntation

    The 360 has been on the market for 5 years with a DVD drive. Games are released on DVDs. Now, if they changed it to a Blu Ray Drive this late in the game you end up fragmenting the market. You end up with developers not knowing what medium to release games on (DVD or Blu Ray), some games will come out on Blu Ray meaning the 30 million XBOX 360s already out there can’t play them, developers lose potential sales and lose money. People would get annoyed that htey can’t play the new games

    – Manufacturing costs

  4. Blu-ray is Sony’s technology, so if MS wants to put it in the 360, it will have to pay Sony to use the technology. So for every 360 games sold, MS is helping Sony to make money. MS doesn’t want to help Sony make money, so no Blu-ray.

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