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What’s an easy fun xbox 360 game that i can play with my G/F?


Me and my g/f are gonna rent a game from blockbuster and i want one she’ll like too.

doesn’t have to be super kiddy, but something that’s simple.she was playin my bioshock, not very well, but she got the basic idea.we’re 20 by the way, and decided to stay in tonight


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  1. My girlfriend enjoys Halo 3. She likes playing with a bunch of people online even though she dies frequently.

    It’s nice because it isn’t as serious as say COD4, but isn’t exactly kiddy either. Have fun.

  2. try Fuzion Frenzy 2, my ex loved it, same with her family when they were all over. it’s real easy to get the hang of and is tons of fun!

  3. Try Guitar Hero 3 because even though it can be hard or easy for some people, everyone always has fun in the end no matter how they do.

  4. My wife is addicted to Beautiful Katamari. They have a demo on Xbox Live, might want to let her try it out before you buy it.

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