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What is wrong with my Xbox Live connection?


I’ll be playing my xbox on BF3 or any other game, when bam, it disconnects me from the game. I know well rightly that it’s going to disconnect from the XBL server, and it does after about five minutes. (During this five minutes i can’t do anything that requires going online, i.e multiplayer, check friends list, Forza storefront). This disconnect usually happens within 30 minutes of me turning on the xbox. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes to happen, sometimes right up to the 30 mark.

But after i am able to reconnect to xbox live (with absolutely no problem and a very quick reconnect) i can play for as long as i like and not experience any further problems. This happens EVERY time i turn on my xbox and is now becoming extremely frustrating. I believe it could be damage to the antenna of my wireless router which is plugged into the xbox. I’m not sure, if anyone could help, i’d deeply appreciate it. Thanks

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