Home Playstation Forum What is the diffrence between the PS3 250gb and 120GB.?

What is the diffrence between the PS3 250gb and 120GB.?


I know obviously 250GB you can store more things but it that it?

Is there any other differences because i am looking to buy one my first choice is the 120gb since its cheaper.

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  1. There’s not a difference other than the size. Seeing as it’s only about $50 more, I’d go with the 250 because with ps3, some games have you install them to the hard drive and that can take up space fast.

  2. There’s no difference; so you’re definitely not better getting the 250.

    You can buy a 120Gb PS3 and a 320Gb HDD seperately and replace it yourself for about the same money that you’d by the 250 for in total.

    Actually, if you can get hold of one smaller than 120Gb for even less money, you’d be as well getting that and buying a new hard drive for it. Saves money and gets you even more space than you’d get from the 250Gb.

    120Gb will probably be enough for you though, unless you’re going to store lots of things on it.

  3. that s it, nothing more. I prefer 120 too.

    (why on the topic “gb” after 250 is lower case, GB after 120 is capitalized while in the message

    “GB” after 250 is capitalized and so on. ? )

  4. in 250gb you can save songs, movies,talk and download games.

    Please give it a best answer i dont have any best answers.

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