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Underrated Game: Bullet Witch(Xbox 360)


Underrated Game: Bullet Witch(Xbox 360)


  1. Underrated? This game was bad from the beginning to the end. I seen a review where the critic rip and destroy this game, even after watching the warning video, I still bought it because there was a bad ass chick with a huge gun. What a mistake that was, ever since then, I watch multiple reviews before making a purchase. It took about 6-8 hours for me to beat this game. Please believe me as you read the rest of this comment: Bad voice acting, bad plot, broken gameplay, AI are purely dumb and graphics is one console generation behind. The only good thing about this game is the song "Vanishing Skies" which is an amazing tune to have on repeat! But that's it.

  2. Honestly… It looks like something I would at least play to completion at least. I kinda feel if the studio that made this kept it in development for longer and put a better polish on it it, and maybe included a wall cover mechanic and some more interesting enemies, this woulda been much more well received. It just kinda screams "wasted potential" more than "bad game" to me. Ya know, it has that Devil May Cry 2 kinda disappointing feeling tied to it.

  3. This was a game that felt for me like a unique and interesting concept, but just poorly executed. I rented it from Gamefly, played it for an afternoon, then sent it back the next day. I really wanted to enjoy it. I just found myself kind of bored and in want of investment story-wise. Maybe it was just me, but Alicia seemed to be kind of heavy and clunky to control.
    Overall this is one of those "hindsight is 20/20" games for me like Red Ninja: End of Honor.

  4. miss this!
    she was so hot. loved the gameplay and spells.
    also outfits.

    wish the developed weren't defunct.
    would loved a sequel.

  5. This game isn't really underrated, just unknown, I rented it and it's not that good, but similar to the EDF games, some people like those games, so it must have a fanbase, but 3rd person shooters without cover systems suck after Gears of War.

  6. 15:27
    And here i thought M.O.D.O.K. had a big brain.
    But unlike M.O.D.O.K. This guy's is probably full of Hot Air, hence the floating.

  7. This game was good but had problems with AI bugs and the gun aiming was kind of bad. I love how the soundtrack sounds like the soundtrack to Resident Evil 2. I like the huge open environments with destructable objects. I like how the environments look like normal real-life locations. I also loved the Iron Maiden style zombie soldiers. It definitely wasn't trash.

  8. this game was rly good. anyone hated really didn't understand the game, what was intended or just havent played it themselves.

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