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TUTORIAL – Ubuntu 11.04 – Connect to Xbox LIVE through Laptop/Desktop on Ubuntu


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– A tutorial showing an easy way of connecting to Xbox LIVE through your Ubuntu-powered Computer.
You will need:
Ethernet cable (long enough for it to reach from your Xbox to your Computer)
Wi-Fi connected Computer running Ubuntu
An Xbox 360
Tolerance of my shoddy camera work.

PS: Many thanks to the people of UbuntuForums.org for helping me during my time with ubuntu! These guys truly are heroes, if you have any ubuntu-related trouble, these are the people to talk to.

TUTORIAL - Ubuntu 11.04 - Connect to Xbox LIVE through Laptop/Desktop on Ubuntu

Connecting Xbox 360 to Xbox Live through a Computers Connection


  1. Thanks dude. I tried looking online and they made things look difficult. But this video just went straight to the point, no bullshit. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much , i just installed Ubunto 12, (free BTW) and it worked first try, now im on xbox live on netflix .

  3. Do you know to install a wireless pci card made for a PC into an Apple G3 desktop computer? I tried however I think they are incompatible. Also, can you install Ununtu on an apple g3?

  4. thanks man i tried doing it from the askubuntu website and it made me do a bunch of random stuff and it still didnt work but your worked fine and it took like 2 minutes thanks alot!

  5. you are literally the best person in the world!!!! ive been trying to do the share thing and it never connected!!! thank you for showing me the bridge

  6. my computer account isn't popping up in my Xbox so I can connect my Xbox to my computer . why??

  7. my xbox 360 is jtagged can I do this method to connect to xbox live and my console will get banned?

  8. +xXModdedWarfareXx can i use this method on xbox 360 slim and is this method illegible now in 2016.

  9. can we connect xbox 360 to pc . like xbox 360 dashboard open on pc ?? or there is any on screen button to switch vga to HDMI on monitor. bcoz my monitor menu button is not working

  10. Will this mess up my xbox if i do this? Will i get banned from XboxLIVE? 
    my Xbox is chipped.
    It is the Xbox 360 Slim (touch button)
    It has freestyle 3

  11. Thank you first .
    you say that if i do this i won`t get banned so can i download DLC and tile update etc without getting ban

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