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The Microsoft Xbox – Review – Game Sack


The Microsoft Xbox - Review - Game Sack


  1. So the Xbox had support for 720p while the others are stuck at 480/576 (12:05)
    The Xbox One has support for 2160p (4K) while the others are stuck at 1080p

    It's all about finding the games that runs in higher resolution.

  2. Great vid but you missed lots of classics out. Also should have reviewed Gun Valkyrie and Crazy Taxi 3 if you want classic Dreamcast/Sega games on Xbox.

  3. recently I picked up MX VS ATV Unleashed, Mechassault, and Burnout Revenge for Original Xbox (a few of the list of games that were shown in this video) I'm gonna check them out and see how they are

  4. I owned the Original Xbox since December 6th 2015 ever since then I went out and bought a whole bunch of games for it and ever since then I've been showing the Xbox alot of love and been playing it all the time I own 24 games as of December 2016/January 2017 love this thing better than the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One and way better than the PS2 I hate the 360 and the Xbox One in my opinion the Xbox has better graphics than the PS2 my 1st favorite 6th Gen Console is the Nintendo GameCube and my 2nd favorite 6th Gen Console is the Original Xbox GameCube and Xbox has the best graphics they both have better graphics than PS2 I love the Original Xbox best console ever

  5. This wasn't really about the xbox. It was mostly an overview of some games released in the early 2000's. If you guys are going to review a console, talk about the console.

  6. Joe, does saying "thank you" go without saying with you, because I've noticed that you only respond to those who are assholes or who question your knowledge. If this is going to be a channel where a response from you is likely, at least acknowledge EVRYBODY. Saying thank you to the ones who actually appreciate what you do once in a while would be nice.

  7. Crimson skies was the best when it came out. played it constantly and the online multiplayer was awesome as my older brother had just moved out of state

  8. (34:55)-(35:05) Did anybody catch the difference between having the patch on Halo 2 vs not having the patch on Halo 2? Yeah, neither did I. This happens a lot. I blame my inability to catch these things on my lack of knowledge of video game terminology/features – 480p? What does it mean? :/

  9. Chip your XBOX, acquire the appropriate software and get back into the multiplayer scene. No need for LIVE when you're got homebrew.

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