Home Playstation Games Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness – Review

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness – Review


Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - Review

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - Review

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  1. actually agree with this. said everything that was right and wrong about it. Hopefully the next one will be better

  2. question so this is my first star ocean game would i enjoy it since i have never played any other game in the series

  3. i think the strategic battle system and the open minded character role/skill system saved a lot of the downfalls, this rgp has. It might be above average if you are looking just for that.

  4. piece if crap game ff 15, tales of berseria blew this game out of the water hopefully the next one will be better like star ocean 3 or 4

  5. Are you seriously not gonna say anything about the infuriating camera that makes the game for me completely unplayable? I can overlook all other issues with story and character but a game mechanic that makes me throw up an hour in is absolutely horrendous! The camera is attached directly to the character mesh and follows ALL the small bumps on the road. It literally jumps all over the place and because nobody ever said that in their reviews, I wasted my money on that one.
    DO NOT BUY until they fix that nonsense!

  6. I feel that the review lacks the competence to digest the series for what it is. I highly enjoyed this game, coming from a heritage starting at the second installment in the series, and felt like a throwback from the earlier installments. granted they were spot on with the "bumping" Mechanic I felt the game was everything a seasoned vet of the series was looking for.

    On a side note; it seemed that the game had a lot more star trek references in it than in the past.

  7. i have questions and criticisms

    1. All of the people mocking her saying not being blocked is bad…- She mentions NPCs being physically moved. idc how much easier it is to just walk through them, it IS immersion breaking like she said! so are the floaty blue saves on maps and many other things
    2. cant you lower the sound of SFX and up the voices, or is that not an option? what about subtitles?
    3. are the things blocked off by not completing quests that important, or can the game be completed without them?

  8. people that complain able the faults in this game haven't played the older star ocean games. This is a fun game

  9. i disagree. with all of it.. the point about over lap especially while i admit that is an annoying thing, i never ran into it because i always stopped to listen when the party was talking since this game doesnt have cutscenes very often and most of that story is presented as you're just walking around, my guess is they didnt intend for you to run all over like a mad man and really take everything in. a risky gambit but i didnt mind doing just that.

  10. The world is depressingly empty in this game. If you spend full price on this game, you will have a sick feeling in your stomach knowing you wasted money on this.
    Then you become even more depressed.
    Everybody in the towns are just clones of one another, aimlessly wondering around like lost dead souls stuck in pergatory hell. Your character animations are reminiscent of marionettes on strings, they dance jerkedly and flop around with souless, lifeless eyes of a doll body.
    The very fabric of space and physics are compromised, with invisible walls everywhere, giving you the illusion of freedom.
    Well at least you may think there are the battles with the hopes of redeeming qualities. But then you réalisé it is all the same moves over and over. No depth. No life. This game is a nightmare.
    I will continue to play it, as punishment and a reminder never to waste money like this again.

  11. It will keep you occupied until FF15 comes out. This game deserves to play even though its not as good as star ocean 2 even with ps1 graphics is ridiculous how a new game with better hardware can't compare to a 2D sprites.

  12. don't buy at full price, i got it and i'm bored already. lots of customization and skills to learn and level but the fights get repetitive and mundane real fast. storyline is shitty too. i give it a generous 4.5/10

  13. just got the game yesterday and im loving it soooo much! it's a breathe of fresh air imo, just like how SO4 was when it came out. i got it on ps4 and the graphics i think are pretty good.

  14. Loved your review! I hate how negative everyone else was, and I just got the game myself waiting for it to download now. So I was getting pretty worried seeing how hated it was, not that I pay attention to that kind of nonsense but it still can be discouraging. Thanks for a wonderfully written review!

  15. The voice acting is absoulutely horrible lol, its very unnatural sounds really ridiculous and corny, English is obviously not your Language, because to any native english speaker this games voice acting can give us a good Laugh, it was really really dumb

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