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Sony Ps3 question?


So I bought the wrong version of the walking dead (it was season 2 episode 3 I think) & I got one for psvita but I wanted one for the ps3 -.- I spent like 4 or 5 dollars on it but its been a while. so I’m thinking I’m too late for a refund or exchange but I was just wondering if it was possible? /:

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  1. there are no refunds given on psn sales , period , the second you clicked I agree and paid it was too late for a refund

    just buy it again for the right system and maybe one day you’ll get a psvita to use the episode you have ( you’d need to buy the other episodes too )

    here is the psn refund policy as stated in the psn store

    To the extent permitted by applicable law, all transactions are final upon their completion and may be deemed to be governed by law and regulatory requirements applicable at the time the transaction was completed. SNEI DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY REFUNDS

  2. It’s digital. There are no refunds unfortunately. It happened to my once. I was buying DLC and didn’t see that there was a pack and the pack contained everything at once for a lower price. i felt so stupid.

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