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Skyrim Special Edition (PS4) – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue (Full Game)


Skyrim Special Edition (PS4) - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Prologue (Full Game)


  1. this game is full of bugs that never got patched. not to mention all the glitchy movement npcs would do especially their heads. and alot of times when i had to follow a npc he would stop and stay there for several minutes for no reason and then proceed. this is only a few issues of many. its a good game but i often got irritated with some issues.

  2. already have this for the ps3. ill probably buy this once I see it on amazon for like 15 bucks in a year or 2 maybe.

  3. seeing a noob play the remastered version is weird for me i played oldscholl and i ordered ps4 version of it (by noob i mean new)

  4. DU MA i don't give a FUCK if this game runs on 30fps it doesn't bother me 1 damn bit this is my first time playing this damn game so my 288LBS fat ass can have fun playing this highly addictive game and i ain't gonna stop playing this damn highly addictive game till i fuckin beat this damn highly addictive fun game enough said.Now back to playing some more SKYRIM

  5. DU MA once u play the elder scrolls V skyrim special edition for PS4 or crappy ass xbox one your ass gonna get hooked on it for hour on end just like my 288LBS fat ass.Ok im gonna eat a whole lot of junk food like potato chips lots chocolate chips cookies eat lot of candy and drink a whole lot of soda so my 288LBS fat ass can gain a whole lot of weight.TYPE 2 DIABETES ANYBODY

  6. DU MA ive bought this game on ebay for 30.99 brand new on ebay free shipping and no tax and i was playing it for over 9 hour and today im gonna be playing it for 10 hour this game is so highly addictive and so fuckin fun that i cant even stop playing this damn game i quit my crappy ass minimum wage job at wendy's just so i can play this highly addictive fun game once i beat this damn game im gonna start looking for another job i probably get a job at gamestop.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is 1of the best damn highly addictive open world RPG game ever and my 288LBS fat ass cant stop playing this damn game

  7. does anyone know how to fix the stupid sprinting mechanic so that you can hold down the button instead of pressing it because the timing for traps is a pain in the butt

  8. I bought this game like 3 days ago, I've been playing it, best game ever made, too much dynamic and the gameplay is fantastic

  9. Sure, the graphical improvement is nice and all, but, here is THE best part about the PS4 remaster as compared to the PS3: FAR fewer crashes (in fact, I have encountered only one, after quite a few hours of gameplay). I reached a point on the PS3 version where the game was near unplayable due to constant crashing. And, on a semi-related note, MUCH faster load screen times. If you've never played Skyrim before, and you wanna give it a go on a console, there's no better time than the present.

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