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should i get a ps3 slim or regular?


im planning on buying a ps3 and i was wondering which version i should get slim or regular now i honestly dont know the differences besides being more slim, i wanna know the advantages of both how the slim is better than the original or how i should just stick with the original ps3, please if you know give me a good analyze of which ones better

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  1. get the slim its thinner i think mine is faster than my friends 80 gig regular one.it uses 50 percent less energy.and it has 120 gigs +its only $299+the slim is out already if u dont believe me call gamestop.

  2. Ps3 slim= NO FAN. Will overheat eventually or the dust will.idk (ps they are making a version of regular ps3 with 160 gigs but I hav had the FIRST model (60 gb) and it has NEVER given me a problem:D

  3. If you are willing to wait before buying a ps3 then i would wait until the ps3 slim has been released for a month and then watch some comparison videos on youtube about the slim and the regular ps3. right now you no the ps3 regular is reliable but who knows how the slim will be

  4. The PS3 Slim DOES NOT OVERHEAT. There have been plenty of tests proving this wrong and Sony had this overheating in mind when they designed the Slim models. There are fans on the Slim models, there just isn’t an intake system in it, making it run hotter than the originals. However, this will not make it overheat at all. Here is what I wrote:

    Of course, there’s the aesthetics. Then, there is the “in your hand” experience and a couple of hardware changes. Here they are:


    ~Matte Finish

    ~Physical Buttons

    ~Those buttons light up

    ~New Power & Ejection light above buttons

    ~Small “PS” icon cannot be turned and is now “chromatic”

    ~No Power Switch

    ~New Power cord port

    In Your Hands:

    ~33% Smaller

    ~36% Lighter

    ~34% Less Power Consumption


    ~Installing Linux OS has been removed

    ~”Bravia Sync” has been added

    ~120GB HDD space

    Those statistics are based on the models that Sony has been manufacturing since August 2008. Before then, it’s a whole different story. Technically speaking as if August 2008 was the official Fat PS3 models, the Slim can play everything that the old Fat ones can do. Basically, since those missing or changed features aren’t very important, all you should look at when decided on which to buy should be the aesthetics (how it looks). If you’re looking to buy one, check both of them out when you get to the store your going to (if they have the Slims in stock, that is). From a gamer’s standpoint, there is nothing on the 80GB models that you can’t do with the new 120GB Slim models. After all, it ONLY does EVERYTHING! haha

  5. slim! it has everything the original has except the backwards compatibility *most don’t have anyway* and the shiny exterior. The slim also has a 120 gig HDD more storage = more entertainment! hope this helps

  6. well i took a chance and got the ps3 slim of amazon and well its great lots of demos and good stuff and why buy a ps3 with 80gb when you could get a ps3 with 120 gb and its slimmer and smaller.

    soon there getting rid of the ps3 original

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