Home Playstation Forum Selling a playstation 3 on craigslist?

Selling a playstation 3 on craigslist?


how mutch $ can i get if i sell a 40 gig ps3, a playstation eye, a dual shock 3 sixaxis controler, a usb head set, and Resistance 2 on craigslist

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  1. you aren’t gonna get anything for an old crappy 40gb with no b/c/ or sd slots. good luck, everyone likes good ps3’s. and noone trusts a used one from some random guy. probably 300-350$

  2. I personally wouldn’t pay more then $450-$500 for that. Start out with $500 and if that doesn’t sell then lower the price. If people are interested, they always want to talk you down anyways so starting a little high is ok.

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