Home Xbox Games Saints Row 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough (Part 1) “Jailbreak”

Saints Row 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough (Part 1) “Jailbreak”


Saints Row 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough (Part 1)


  1. unlike the newer Saints Row games they did everything right with this. gameplay was both funny and intriguing and there was something about the graphics I loved. the game was both bright and vibrant which is something the newer ones don't achieve. definitely the best saints row ever.

  2. honestly love this game I accidentally bought the wrong one And I was so mad I bought 3 instead of 2 like how you can get a gang and own streets and you can get a money cheat looking forward to getting 2

  3. Why would you go with “boring me” with the character model?
    All that freedom, and you do shit with it.
    Do you, perchance, own an iPhone?

  4. This game fucking sucks! Apart from graphics being shit the driving is horrible can't even control the car! Also can't do missions cause of respect? WTF is that? I'm uninstalling this crap and back to SR3

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