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PS4 Pro’s Backwards Compatibility SUCKS? – The Know


PS4 Pro's Backwards Compatibility SUCKS? - The Know


  1. sumtin i been wondering.
    why hasnt consoles ever introduced cd changers? twenty years ago i had a stereo that held 100 cds inside of it. i just pushed the number of the cd and it played that disc. this would seem cool for my video games.

  2. The 399 price tag sucks, really come on 599 for the VR and now another 399.00, this sucks. I never owned an Xbox but before I spend 399.00 on a console that I already have I would rather get one that I don't have

  3. im still using my ps3 and want to upgrade the question is — is it worth the extra $100 for the pro or should i just get a regular ps4

  4. SONY needs to add backwards compatibility and better MOD support to Skyrim and Fallout 3. Thats what PS4 players want

  5. just hooked my new shiny ps4 pro to my tv and it says 4k not supported …. WTF!!! i watch netflix in 4k i play on my pc in 4k i watch movies in 4k wtf sony..

  6. Upgrading your graphics card on a PC means you HAVE to play older games at better graphics?
    Same stupidity exists with remasters and remakes except u never played them before.
    Why the hell….would I care if PS4Pro wont has Pro effect on older games?
    Your video title is as retarted as your points.
    The reason you get a PS4 Pro is because you have 4K,if you do,and then wait for games in 2017,if not FFXV in particular 'cause being a CoD fan to get PS4Pro for CoD games and not a PC you re plain retarted as well,so games like Horizon Dawn,Days gone,probably GoW4 etc etc,are the games that are the reason,except having 4K TV already,to get the console.
    This video is not just a waste of time to watch,its a waste of "being" of even "existing".

  7. Why are we talking about the PS4 pro while featuring a video of Forza Horizon 3, which is an Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive?

  8. Wait since when did the PS4 get backward compatibility? lol I game on the Xbox one s which already has backward compatibility 😀

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