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[PS3] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn video review


From Software has some impressive mecha games in its portfolio: will Gundam Unicorn perform well enough to stand proud among them?

[PS3] Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn video review


  1. There a couple of free Mobile Suits, most free DLC are characters for Custom Cast and story events (not missions). Can't recall the price for the Delta Kai, you'll have to take a look in the Japanese store.

  2. I just bought this game and i saw some articles about free DLC? What are the free DLC? And how much is the Delta Kai gonna cost?

  3. The MSs look extremely detailed but the gameplay seems poor to me. And I hate having the back of your mobile suit covering one third of the screen.

  4. Play Unicorn/story mode (and pay for them in the shop, if I recall correctly). The Unicorn actually has two or three variants (Unicorn mode, Destroy mode with fixed weapons, Destroy mode with free main weapon IIRC), but once you unlock the Sinanju, you'll have every main MS.

  5. Japanese only, and you can buy it from online retailers like Play Asia, AmiAmi or CDJapan (among the many).

  6. ..wow..where can i get the game?..is it on japanese only?..why dont they realese more mecha games in europe i know only dinasty warriors gundam series and armored core..and last front missioin is a dissaster

  7. Excellent review. Great quality video. Your voice over is refreshingly articulate and informative. Subbed. Despite its drawbacks, which to me are common in a number of these Japanese games, it looks gorgeous. I'm going to buy it for that alone.

  8. you know for the controls, are you able to control the camera position with full 360 degrees by using the right thumb stick?

  9. i just ordered the game online and i want to ask if full frontal s red robot or that green qubeley like robot is dlc cause i don't have a Japaneses or Asian account

  10. Story mode isn't that long, five-six hours; Custom Cast is as long as you find the game fun, you can play a lot of missions with a semi-dynamic structure with 20 or so Mobile Suits that can be equipped with different weapons. DLCs add even more Suits, the last time I checked there were 12 extra Suits available and each came with its own mission and a extra weapon.

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