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Preording Halo Reach at Gamestop.?


Okay so I already preordered the limited edition of halo reach at my local gamestop but I found out you couldnt get the legendary edition there. So I got my legendary edition at Amazon bc Gamestop charges you basically 30 extra dollars just to get it online delivered the same day it comes out while Amazon only charges you 99 cents. I would also like the gamestop exclusive armour aswell. Would it be possible for me to take my Gamestop preorder, redeem the code then bring the game back unopened for a full refund?

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  1. Yes you are able to do that. the code for the pre order armour wont be packaged inside the game so you can redeem it and then return your unopened limited edition for a full refund. you’ll have 30 days to return it and you can ask for cash back instead of instore credit.

  2. Look for a promo code for the gamestop sight some I got a code for crackdown 2 and reddead for free next day shipping

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