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Overlord 2 (Unlimited Gnomes/Life Force Glitch)


Overlord 2 (Unlimited Gnomes/Life Force Glitch)


  1. hey so i dominated nordhaven but when i died and selected retry it said i ignited the tar pits. what do i do to fix this and will it fuck up my domination run?

  2. there is a faster way to do this, just go to the wastelan sanctuary depths (gate 1), there will be about 50 gnomes and they will drop brown, red, green and BLUE lifeforce! when you kill them all just go back to tower and teleport there again, they will be there… 

  3. Thanks: a tip to make it cool: use tape on to block the button, then go take a shower, eat, anything that take time ^^
    The longer you do it, the more item you have…. Cool for pink crystals and 5.000 orb trophy ^^

  4. Or you can get 20 greens and ten browns. Set the browns up at the gate, and set the greens a little farther back and pay attention. No taping and you can actually play the game…

  5. hmmmmm I tried this and left the room for about minutes I came back just in time to see my overlord die,Any Ideas as to what caused this besides I angered the gaming gods?

  6. @Trucidofy Actually, at the beginning of the game they established that there are kids in the game, so I do not know ehy they could not reproduce or something… It's a game, so sth like this is possible, unless you take away their ability to mate by brainwashing them (which is nonsense btw)

  7. @Trucidofy Believe me, I have not played this abomination for a long time either, since it's an insult to the much better scripted first game. But, I could have lived with the little "evil" (which is more like mischeviousness) we can do, if the story was compelling, with challenging bosses. Instead, we go through a stage, so we can go through another one, which is exactly like its predecessor. Another thing that bugged me was that the game favored domination Overlords with more money, unlike O1.

  8. @danielkronos The script was retarded, because the game assumed that you were a good guy in the previous one, since as an evil Overlord, you make the elves go extinct, get a different misstress (Velvet, not Rose), and basically kill everything. I could overlook those things, but the whole plot was that Rose was a whore, who ran to another man, and ditched your son, once you were locked in the Abbyss, and allowed them to rule the world, instead of her OWN SON, who was born to be the next Overlord

  9. @Trucidofy There were definately more minion upgrades in O2, but the nicer graphics and some added mechanisms don't make up for the dumb script (I was especially pissed when that bitch, Rose, showed up and told us that she allowed the empire to rise into power, since she wanted others to have a chance at controlling their own fate. WHAT BULLSHIT! Especially since I chose Velvet, and was 100% destruction.) Anyway, the script is 100000x better and you had an arena in which you could farm lifeforce

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