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Over G Fighters Gameplay


Over G Fighters Gameplay


  1. Nunca comprem éssa porra de jogo não vale a pena eu tinha uma chance de conseguir um jogo melhor mas né que bosta de jogo

  2. I still play this game very frequently and looking to make an online squadrons with mass amounts of people to play and just fly in formations with. I have just about every aircraft and helpful tips for those that have trouble in this game. If anyone is interested in joining my gamer tag is StallionAce17. Hope to see many flight enthusiasts!

  3. +lb8068 if you dont like this game then piss off and anyway i think this game is quite realistic, at least its better than ace combat.

  4. +Timebomb311 i agree wasnt the best idea XD. mate try and use half of the runway! and btw try not to use airbrakes on landing its not realistic only use it if your in trouble like if you get hit by a missle and you need to be repaired 🙂

  5. hey guys its been 6 years scince this game came out and i still play it why does noone play it? BEST GAME EVAR!!!! My name on XBOX is xxhyp3rf1shxx

  6. Lb8068, how can you have a say about what you think the game is like when you don't even own a console, let alone the actual game? Private pilot's license or not, I can almost guaruntee you have not flown a 'fast jet', ever. So you would therefore know nothing about how they really handle. Don't make a fool out of yourself by arguing over something you most likely haven't even played though, it kind of defeats the object of your arguments… Just leave the people who enjoy this game alone, and go do something better than expressing your ill-valued opinion all day.

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