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Original PS3 vs. new PS3 Super Slim?


Should I upgrade or not? I just don’t want to buy it but I will if I have to because its really old and crashes occasionally.

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  1. I hear the super slim over heats more, and no one likes the disc try. Original takes more power though but most of them are backwards compatible.

  2. Not if your original PS3 works , It’s not really an upgrade, you’re just buying a cost reduced version of it. Try vacuuming the air vents to get dust out of it, and clearing data off your hard drive, and such. This could help fix crashes. Don’t get too keen on replacing your PS3 though without good reason though there’s a good chance this generation could come to an end soon. At least give it until e3

  3. You are better off keeping your PS3. I promise you there is no difference in speed or performance between the two. It’s just more energy efficient and has a different design. It would not be worth spending the money, but if it crashes then you might need to. It is completely up to you.

  4. If you want (or need) a new PS3. i would not get the new Super Slim. Its just I’m not crazy about the top loading disk trey. Get a slim. Best Buy has them on sale right now for $229.99: [url is not allowed].

  5. the super slim makes a loud noise from the fan, takes up alot of space when the flap is open, has less efficient cooling and has a lot of bugs and gliches and no backards commpatibilty. the 2nd ps3 is the best although it has no backkwards compatibilty

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