Home Playstation Forum My ps3 got the ylod and I know help?

My ps3 got the ylod and I know help?


Okay my ps3 is broken, can anybody give me videos how to fix my ps3 and how to transfer the stuff out of my harddrive to a computer

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  1. videos would depend on what’s wrong , try youtube.

    as for using a computer to transfer your data it isn’t possible since ps3 data is coded to the system and can’t be read by a pc operating system or even another ps3 unless you power up your ps3 and use the data transfer utility or in the case of save data already have it copied to a usb device.

  2. Hi! If you wish to fix it yourself, please refer to this article, hope it helps you as i follow their guide and videos and managed to fix my problems such as Yellow/Red/Green light of death!

    [url is not allowed].

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