Home Xbox Games Mike Plays: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires – Part 1

Mike Plays: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires – Part 1


Mike Plays: Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires - Part 1


  1. Wow I have been a fan of dw games my entire life and I havent went over for the ps3 to get my fill of dynasty warriors games. I am so going to get this as my new game.

  2. I have thought about getting this game. I already have Dynasty Warriors 6. I always enjoyed the Character Creation section. Also by playing characters you originally were not able to play in Dynasty Warriors 6.

  3. If you don't like the loading times you should install the game to your hard drive. Although it wasn't letting me do it for mine because the disk was too scratched.

  4. I own this game for the 360 and its pretty fun but it takes awhile to play though. I havent gotten all the endings on it but I will say this the game has great graphics. My custom officer is a female one in a ninja outfit, I dont know I just like characters like that. I like your outfit, thats the dragon armor if im not mistaken, lu bu has the same kind of armor. Ive used it before for my female character, even though I love the ninja outfit the dragon armor is pretty cool too.

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