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Lovely Planet Is Weird – Xbox One Gameplay


Lovely Planet Is Weird - Xbox One Gameplay


  1. I'm sorry but I honestly can't bring myself to sit through the entirety of this video, this game just looks abysmal, you know a game is bad when it almost breaks Dave.

  2. Man she is rocking that hair.

    even though the image of awesome hair was lately a bit ruined for me, became more of an indication that you get offended by everything, but honestly it's in no way whatsoever devaluative of the awesomeness yet also weirdness of that hair.

    I'd make it a bit purplelish and maybe just a bit more spiky all around but not quite as aggressive rather chaotic.
    more spikes less puff

    okay I'm turning into a fashion coach.

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  4. I think the game is brilliant on PC, but it can't be too great on a pad. I've seen there's a lock on button, but that wouldn't really be as fun I don't think. Most of this game's value is in speedrunning though, you've got to be into that to really enjoy it.

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