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Let’s Compare ( Spelunker )


Let's Compare ( Spelunker )

Spelunker Collection - Spelunker Arcade First Floor


  1. commodore 64 makes the spelunky-er look fat the Atari 8-bit looks the same as commodore 64  but it's slightly brighter MSK looks… kinda good.. NES version makes the spelunky-er look like Mario and has good music and good graphics PS3 has funky music and graphics starts dancing

  2. Excellent but it should have shown the intro as well at the title screen. The Atari 800 has a really good intro with the music that the others didn't have. 

  3. Arcade is best for obvious reasons, but then surprisingly nes is sec best then msx more surprisingly then ps3 wad

  4. If anyone here have played "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" for DOS or Windows, you'll know that it's the same publishers as for this game – Broderbund 🙂  Haven't played Spelunker myself, but we had a similar platformer game on the BBC Micro called Citadel / Citadel 2 which had the colour coded keys.

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