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Is the ps3 display better than a normal tv?


At home i’ve got a pretty big lcd tv, which i know is kinda outdated, but i cant afford a hd/3d tv.

Would it be a good decision to buy a ps3 display? I mean, it’s made especially for the ps3, so it should have the best graphics possible for the console right? or am i wrong about this?

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  1. It’s not better or worse if you are just using it for ps3 games , it’s just a 24 inch 3d led monitor that is capable of 1080p resolution. If you want to use it for other things like watching TV then its no good , there is no tv processor so it can’t pick up tv stations.

    If you don’t mind that it’s just for ps3 use and a small screen it’s fine as long as you get it cheap enough but you can get a nice hdtv for pretty cheap too , it doesn’t even have to be 1080p since a lot of ps3 games are only 720p native resolution so you can buy a 40 inch 720p plasma that will look amazing for your ps3 games.

    more important that if its 3d or how big is the type of hdtv and the specs , a low spec model is not going to look good for gaming , you want a tv or monitor that is 240 or 600 htz , 2ms response time preferably ( any more than 5ms is going to lag ) and preferably a plasma or led TV , plamsa is best as it has the fastest processor and best colors , led is second best as its about half as fast as the averaqe plasma tv and lcd is not recommended at all unless its under 26 inches and at least 240 htz since the lcd tv is slower by a lot and also duller and able to produce fewer colors

  2. Read the review:

    [url is not allowed].

    Personally, I would buy a cheaper 1080 display at Best Buy or Sam’s Club or something like that.

  3. im totally confused

    you say you cant afford a hd/3d tv but your thinking of buying a ps3 display, surely you are able to find a hd/3d tv on amazon or ebay for about the same price

    and when it comes to watching something in 3d, bigger is better due to you get more of a 3d effect,, i couldnt watch 3d in a 32in display

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