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IGN Reviews – FIFA 14 – Next-Gen Review


IGN Reviews - FIFA 14 - Next-Gen Review


  1. I want to buy my first football game…  So here is the question:
    Should i buy FIFA 14, wait 3 month for FIFA 15 or buy another football game ? (PS4)

  2. This game is pretty good. The graphics aren't perfect and the players still act a bit weird when performing some actions but what really pisses me the hell off is that for some moronic reason they keep changing the celebrations that you perform once scoring a goal. I learned most of the celebrations from Fifa 13 and then bam! Fifa 14 arrives and I look like a complete fool trying to do some of the celebrations from the previous game and realizing that they have been either rearranged or removed. Later on 2014 Fifa World Cup arrives and I realize that the celebrations have been once again rearranged or removed in that game seriously?? Stop doing that, it pisses me the hell off and I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one who thinks the same so seriously please just keep the celebrations the same in Fifa 15 so that I don't waste my time trying to learn them all over again.

  3. what fifa needs is PEZ or something to challenge it so it stops taking the piss by attempting to drain every last penny i have. They seem to think that it is fair to include an online feature like ultimate team and then include in game currency like you find in free to play games which would be fine if the game was free or if FUT was a different title that came free but it is included with the £50 price (for next gen) so when you start it up and it gives you some bronze shitters and you find a match with some sad act that has spent a fortune on "FIFA points" it really ruins it instead of working your way up and buying players and packs through playing games and trading you have to buy packs just to stand a chance and get them stupid contacts i think if PEZ actually pulled their heads out their arse and made a good solid game or if somebody else developed something that was at the same quality game play wise EA would stop trying to rob me because it can.

  4. I can't believe it got ranked 9.1, HIGHER than NBA 2k14 with 8.9 which half the time looks like REAL LIFE GRAHPICS. Fifa 14 loks excatly like the current gen consoles, I play FUT all the time and I see no difference whatsoever.

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