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If I buy the new xbox how do I transfer my gamertag and stats?



  1. All you can do is recover your gamer card. That is it. Saved data from other games is hosted on your hard drive, which can be transferred to another by a long and elaborate process. If this can not be done, you have to start from scratch.

  2. ok when you buy a new xbox 360 it walk you through all the system configurations until you reach the point of creating a new xbox live account, so it gives you 2 options create a new account or reactive an existing account then you give all your information and all your stats will transfer automaticlly to the new xbox.but about your games data,music and installed games you will have to transfer to an external HDD or directlly to the new one with one accesory you conect to the 360 HDD and to your computer.

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