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How to watch TV shows on XBOX 360? USB slot?


I want to know if it is possible to take my TV shows on my computer, and transfer them onto my Portable USB and some how plug that into the 360 and play ’em that way. Would they have to be reformatted? Also, if I burned all the TV shows on a DVD, would that DVD be playable in the 360? for sure, thanks!!

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  1. yea all you do after you transfer them onto a flash drive big enough to hold them plug it in to the slot where your controllers go.then under my xbox switch over to my videos and it will be there.or you can run a network there your xbox and have all you stuff on the comp directly connected to you xbox.it gives directions on the Microsoft website on how to set that up threw a router

  2. Yeah there is, the way Microsoft tells us is you need to connect your 360 to an Ethernet cable and then to your PC and then allow it to connect. Then you need to set up the 360 and your PC to use the Windows Media Center.

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