Home Videos How to Watch Blu-Ray & DVD Movies | PS4 FAQs

How to Watch Blu-Ray & DVD Movies | PS4 FAQs


How to Watch Blu-Ray & DVD Movies | PS4 FAQs

How to Watch DVD/Blu-Ray Movies on PS4

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  1. Okay I put a blu ray disc in and DVD disc in and both says to connect to Internet, i am connected to the Internet. I have tried not connected to Internet nothing

  2. Thing is I "sold" one of these on Ebay then it was returned saying the HDMI port is loose. After getting it back I plugged it in and only if I push the HDMI cable up or down do I lose picture. Leaving it alone it plays on the TV fine. Now the problem is this person returning it has totally reconfigured this machine in that 1) I can't play a DVD without needing the internet for some reason. Can't seem to find the setting for that. 2) The "Destiny" game is missing 3) The screen saver pattern and color has changed to blue. So….ok….I'll settle for now for being able to play a regular DVD without having to connect to the internet. How do do that?

  3. What do I do if it say I need to connect to a internet connection. but I don't have internet so does this mean I can watch movies?

  4. this video is incorrect. my ps4 has a totally different set of options when i tried a bluray disc for first time. do you NEED a playstayion account to even watch fckng dvds cause if so im returning this POS

  5. So how is it that this PS4 doesn't give the option of internet or not! It says I have to connect to internet and we do not have internet

  6. do you need WiFi to watch DVD movies and Blu Ray movies. or can you watch movies without internet to.?

  7. ps3 and 4 have the same grafics the ps4 was made so people can get Internet and buy shit to make Sony richer

  8. wait so i put a dvd in the first time in my ps4 slim and when i press x it doesnt start the movie but its says i need intenert to play it and i dont have internet

  9. Lets be honest, no one who needs to watch this as an actual "how to", will be able to do it, because they have yet to figure out how to plug the ps4 in.

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