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How to get out a CD stuck inside a closed PS3?


Okay, so I was playing my PS3 for2 hrs and then it closed out of nowhere. Then the CD got stuck in it. So I tried to open it, but it wouldnt open. I press the sensor to open it but the red light goes to green, then turns off by itself completely. How do I take out the CD from the inside without breaking it?


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  1. yea you might have the YLOD now if you have a ps3 that doesn’t have the chrome on it like the 40gb they have a auto fan cleaner when you turn off the ps3 by the switch in the back then put your finger on the eject button keep it there turn the ps3 back on from the switch an it should run the fan for about 30 sec it doesn’t fix the YLOD its just a way to get your game out if you don’t have that kind of ps3 then you would have to wait until you fix the YLOD or just open up the blueray drive an if you don’t know how to fix the YLOD then i don’t think that you should do that

  2. well if your ps3 is not turning on i think it’s the YLOD u got there (yellow light of death) when u turn it on it turns green then yellow then red! if yes u can fix it by yourself by getting a thermal compound check the repairing vid on youtube or if u dont want to loose ur warranty cz when u open the ps3 the sony wont fix it later cz u played with it and maybe removed parts!

    so if ur warranty is still active send ur ps3 to sony and tell them about ur stcuk cd in it and ull get another one with ur cd or a new one 🙂 ( if ur warranty expired u should pay but not a big deal ) 🙂 hope i helped RIP ps3 😛

  3. You’ll have to take it to someone. I mean your PS3 is broken so it’s gotta be fixed anyway. Sucks if that’s a rental inside.

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