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How much do Microsoft charge to repair an xbox360 which has a faulty DVD drive in the UK?


Out of warranty.
Will not change self, must be by Microsoft.

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  1. The DVD drive in an xbox360 is a standard type one that PC’s use. Have a look on ebay and do a search for “xbox360 drive” for example. This will bring up a number of options available for around £20. It will just be a simple case of opening up the xbox and replacing the drive. A lot of the sellers on the search results will also offer full and detailed instructions of how to do it.

  2. the other answer is not right, sorry mate, basically every xbox has a key linked to the dvd drive in its NAND. if you get any odd dvd drive and put it in it simply will not work. May play dvd or cd but no games as it is locked. If you flash the firmware on the dvd and spoof it to make it seem like the orignal the motherboard will accept it but doing this may lead to you getting banned from xbox live. Im in similar situation. If you got it within the last year and warranty is not invalidated Microsoft must fix it for free, also you may be ok for up to 3 years as long as you registered it. For a price if its out of warranty phone Microsoft direct. Sorry couldn’t be more help

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