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How can i use my Ps3 controller for Pc?


I just got a Gaming Worthy Desktop and I’ve been working on it all day. So, Once I downloaded “motion in joy” and got my controller connected I got on Steam to play Skyrim. The controller wouldn’t work and I brought up some other stuff from Steam I’ve never seen before.

I decided to man-up and try to use mouse and keyboard but it’s friggin impossible!

All I want to do is play Skyrim with a Ps3 controller. I’m used to it and I CAN NOT get used to mouse an’ keyboard. My controller does work and is synced because it vibrates and makes noise confirming that a button has been pressed, Yet, it doesn’t do anything aside from that. As mentioned, I have Motion In Joy but is there anything else I can do aside from sucking it up or getting an Xbox controller?

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  1. did you download the drivers in montionjoy ui under driver manager install all i am not a stream user but just recommendation. 🙂 i use my ps3 controller all the time it should work on stream.

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