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guitar hero 3 on ps2?


i want to get a ps2 cause theyre not too expensive and i also want guitar hero 3 so can u play guitar hero 3 on a ps2?

thanks =]]

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  1. man.watever everyone else is saying i have the game for ps2.and trust me it is good.ill admit it sux not being able to play online but if u rather have the online experience.save up money and buy the wii.or the xbox.and play online.

  2. Yes you can play Gh3 on a Ps2. However i wouldnt recommend buying the ps2 as it is simply not a worthy investment.

    The guitar for the ps2 isnt the greatest, and the ps2 may not be compatible with future gh releases.

    Try and save up to get an xbox 360 or even a wii (ps3 is a rip) and buy gh3 for that. Its the same price as the one for ps2 anyways 😉

  3. yea, buy it on the ps2, i have one and gh3 rox on it! and the ps2’s now are cheap so there easy 2 get, thay still make ps2 games, and thay all roq! hope i helped!



    (“)_(“) The Bunny

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